Goddess of Mischief
Sarah June || 22
Chef, writer, cosplayer, lover of nerd things.
Disney, Harry Potter, Marvel, Doctor Who, Sherlock, The Hobbit/LotR, Hannibal, Frankenstein, Starkid, Scott Pilgrim.

humans kneeling
I Am A God
In the end you will always kneel

❀ about me ❀


name: Sarah


birthday: 28 September

zodiac: Libra

single or taken: taken  

height: 5’9”

eye colour: hazel/green depending on mood

middle name: June

favorite color: green, purple and black

lucky number: 13 and 21


hogwarts house [x]slytherin 

favourite fictional character: Loki

favourite television show: Doctor Who 

favourite season: winter

describe yourself in a few words: ships all the things

future children’s names: Liam & Cadance 

meaning of your name:  princess

ultimate otp: 10/Rose, Newmann (Pacific Rim), Dailey (Lol Dalton rp)

what do you plan to/do for a living:  costuming/chef

starbucks order:  venti iced coffee, 5 pumps classic sweetener, with 2% milk OR iced chai latte OR anything pumpkin spice.


introvert or extrovert: introvert

dawn or dusk: dusk

righty or lefty: righty

coffee or tea: tea 

rain or shine: rain

reading or writing: both

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*goes through the McDonald’s drive-thru in a jaeger*

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Benvolio: In love?
Romeo: Out.
Benvolio: Of love?
Romeo: Out of her favor where I am in love.
Benvolio: *looks into the camera like he's on The Office*
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