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humans kneeling
I Am A God
In the end you will always kneel

Goin’ Back To Dalton (complete version)

Walking up these stairs
I feel the stares and all the glares
Of the goths, the cool kids and the jocks.

Can’t believe how cruel they are
And it stings my singing heart
To know they’ll judge me for knowing what I want

I know I don’t deserve this
awful bullying by Karofsky
here at McKinley High

Can’t take all of these losers
But despite all of my bruises
I’m still alive.

Hey Sue Sylvester I ain’t waitin’ around
It’s a new semester and I’m skippin’ this town
Hey its no mystery, here it’s not safe for me now

I gotta get back Dalton
I gotta get back to school
I gotta get back to Dalton
Where the Warblers think I’m coool.

Back to Nerf Fights and Lattes
and loads of cool pranks.
to Tweedles and solo’s
and all of Dwight’s angst.
It’s all that I love and it’s all that I  need
at Dalton, Dalton
I think I’m goin’ back.

I’ll see those boys, gonna laugh til I cry
Take my lead solo, gonna sing til I die
No way this year I’ll have to lie, and it’s gonna be totally awesome.

I’ll pass Lit quick, I aim to succeed
Skip tutoring, Logan, you ain’t what I need!
I’d rather go shopping with my best friend Reed, cause together we’re totally awesome

Reed: Yeah cause together we’re totally awesome!

Reed: Did somebody say Reed Van Kamp? Hey Kurt what’s goin’ on!
Kurt: Reed, what are you doing here?
Reed: Sorry it took so long, I was at the studio with my mom, but the cars outside, grab your stuff and lets go.
Kurt: Where are we going?
Reed: To pick up samples from the new Chanel line, of course! You wanted that new scarf, right?
Kurt: Totally! And then?

It’s been so long, but we’re goin’ back.
Don’t go for the clothes, especially the slacks

Kurt: But as long as we’re together…

Reed: Gonna kick some ass

And it’s gonna be totally awesome!
This year we’ll take every class by storm
Avoid attacks by the twins, settle the scores.

Charlie: But let’s not forget, you still have to perform well and avoid injury if you want to stay in WARBLERS.

Reed: Ugh, Chaz could you please not bring my lack of coordination into this?
Charlie: Have too, Reed. You nearly kill yourself twelve times a day. And you guys need to get the other Windsor boys under control with this Logan-hate that’s going around.
Kurt: Trust me, Chaz, I try.

I may be strict, but I’m the Red Queen
Windsors prefect, you gotta listen to me.
You’re all crazy, but, hey, we’re still a team
And well guys yeah that’s totally awesome

This year you all had better behave

Twins: That would be fine but we all HATE the Knave

Kurt: Hey guys, come on, he practically lives in a cave…

Ethan: And that’s cool..
Evan: And that’s totally awesome!

Windsor House (minus Kurt and Reed): Yeah it’s cool and it’s totally awesome!

Kurt: Ugh… all of you…

We’re sick of break and all this waiting around
Semesters starting, has Pavarotti been found?
Even Harvey can see
We can’t wait for Glee nooooow

We gotta get back to Dalton
We gotta get back to school
We gotta get back to Dalton
Where everyone is dapper-coooooool

Back to Nerf Fights and Lattes
and loads of cool pranks.
to Tweedles and solo’s
and all of Dwight’s angst.
It’s all that I love and it’s all that I  need
at Dalton, Dalton
I think we’re goin’ back!

Blaine: I swear this semester is going to be better than last.
Kurt: As long as you and Logan aren’t beating each other up over me. It’s getting old.
Blaine: As long as he keeps his distance we’ll be fine.

Oh Kuuuuurt
I am so in love with you, Kuuuuurt
Just let me prooove myyy worrrrrth
I’ll sing my love for you, Kuuuuuuuurrrrrt

Blaine: I really hate that guy
Kurt: Be nice.
Julian: Did someone call for a movie star?!
Kurt: Oh got what do YOU want?
Julian: So, Hummel, back for another year at Dalton, are you? Maybe this year you’ll stop being such an insufferable little cherub and we’ll have less shouting out of you and the Hobbit here (to Blaine).
Kurt: Just shut up, Julian. No one cares about what you have to say.
Julian: Have it your way. (To Reed, unwrapping another band-aid) Oh don’t tell me you’ve hurt yourself again Van Kamp. Why is it you’re perpetually bleeding all over something? I think maybe we ought to just commit you to a padded room and never let you out. All of you in Windsor belong in a mental institution. At least once they finish drawing my contract up for the new movie, I’ll be out of this place. Dalton has really gone to the dogs.

This year you bet, gonna get outta here.
Head back to the sets, improve my career.
And not having to deal with any of you near
Yeah it’s gonna be so totally awesome!

Look out world for the dawn of the day
My movie hits theaters, then what’ll you say?
Hummel will be forever out of my way
And I’ll be the one who is totally awesome!

Justin: No you’ll only think that you’re totally awesome!

Han: Guys, quick! Medel and Harvey are coming!

Who knows how fast this semester will go
Call the barista, we’ll be needin’ some joe.

Kurt: Maybe at last, I’ll be left alone

Reed: Oh no, that’d way to awesome!

We’re back to sing everything that we can.
It’s great comin’ back to where the Warblers began
And here we are and alakazam! Here we go, this is totally awesome!

Come on and throw us everything you got
Windsor’s on fire and it’s gettin’ real hot
I think we really need

Charlie: for Medel and Harvey!


Welcome all of you to Dalton
I welcome you all back to school
You better be prepared for competition
Because this semester will be quite a duel

Welcome Welcome Welcome Dalton
Welcome Windsor Hanover and Stuart too
Now that we’re all here together
Lets go over just a few rules

Medel: As you all might know we have some tough competition ahead of us this Semester. I don’t want any fighting between any of you. Whatever qualms you have against performing with each other, whatever personal problems you have between yourselves. Let go of them now, or I invite you to turn in a resignation to the Warblers council.

Back to Nerf Fights and Lattes
and loads of cool pranks.
to Tweedles and solo’s
and all of Dwight’s angst.
Back to the place where the boys can’t be tamed
at Dalton, Dalton

Back to Windsor and Stuart.
Hanover’s least.
to Pav’s quick escape
and to awesome cookies.
It’s all that I love and it’s all that I need
at Dalton, Dalton.

Harvey: I’m sorry, what’d you say?

Dalton, Dalton!

Medel: I didn’t hear you kids!


Kurt: Man, I’m glad I’m back!

-Song by Sarah Sheehy. Based on the story by CP Coulter, and the music of Darren Criss and Team StarKid, from AVPM/S.